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My new novella, Between Bloom and Decay, is a slow-burn horror story about Emily Singer, a Communications major at the University of Florida who pays her way through school by passing along messages from the dead.

Click here and I’ll send you a link!  This is the only way this story will ever be available!  And be sure to let me know what you think on my contact form.

His Final Execution has won the ShortFictionBreak.com Summer Writing Contest!  Go check it out — I’ll be here when you get back.

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Your Dose of Humbug

Story time

I want to tell you a story. It’s an old folktale, so you may have heard it once or twice already.  If you have, and you don’t want to read it again, just go ahead and skip down to the next heading.  There’s a reason I’m telling this story. Once there was a village in …

Updated Website

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve made some recent updates to my website.  I’ve added a contact form under my About Me page, as well as links to all my social media pages at the bottom of each page. There are like/tweet/share buttons after each post and section, and I’ve added …

Original Works

All links to published works that are entirely mine are listed herein.  Most of the sites I’ve linked to will have a place for you to leave comments if you like.  I promise to read them all.

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Fan Fiction

This is a list of all my published works that are based off of existing works.  I don’t own the rights to any of it, and I’ll make no money off of it, even characters I’ve created within their worlds.  As these properties belong to someone else, I will never host them here.  If you would like to comment/review, please do so on the linked site.

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Future Works

Here is where you will find information about things I’m working on, once I’m ready to talk about them.  This will contain references to both original works and fan fiction.

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The Artist

Timothy Rampy has been creating the banners for my Nth Doctor episodes.

Find out more about the artist behind these fantastic interpretations of my stories.

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